110V/220V strip Remote Dimmer Controller is a controller that can adjust 110V/220V strips brightness infinitely,
its control mode is key -press control, you could adjust light to the appropriate lighting brightness in accordance 
with your actual need.

Parameters :
Operating voltage: AC110V/220V
Power output : 110V/400W,220V/800W
Dimming range: 0~100%
Remote distance :30-50m
Working temperatures: -20 to 60℃ 
Shell material: ABS engineering plastic
Output mode: 2 channels
Size : 150*95*59mm
Weight : 180g

Direction for use :
1. Connect the load wire at first, following by the power wire; Please ensure short circuit can not occur between 
    connecting wire before you turn on the power; 
2.Adopt key-press control,its function as follows: