220V high voltage led strip is an "updated version" of the low voltage strip. The use of DC 12V led strip has to be with
a miniwatt adapter, and its best length is 5 meters. For the projects, this is very inconvenient. Now, our high voltage
strip could  deal with all the problems. 100 meters in one line without connection, and no signal amplifier needed.
Save cost on power supply and installation,easy to transport and install.

1. Dirctly contact to AC110V or AC220V,no need power supply.
2. Energy saving,environment protection,longl life,low light decay, Flexible IP65 Light Body.
3. High quality and bright SMD LEDs as lighting source, can be bent as you need,easy to instal.
4. The price is competitive, no extra power supply or transformer necessary
5.Less 1% attenuation after 3,000 hours
6.Long lifespan: 50,000 to 80,000 hours

Technical Parameters :

Advantage :
1)Compared with the traditional DIP LED Strip: 1. Using SMD LED, small in size, high conversion efficiency, low lumens
depreciation, long life span, easy to install, and abandoned the traditional LED DIP Strip's small emitting angle,
low brightness, low vivid color .2. Adopting FPC circuit board and SMT procession, which resolve the problem of the
traditional LED DIP Strip rely on manual processing history, make the new LED Flexible Strip quality more reliable,
and can shorten delivery time.

2)Compared with the Low voltage SMD LED flexible strip, which is better resolve the problem of the power supply
voltage drop. The traditional 12V SMD LED Strip light need a huge transformer and the transformer can only connected to
meters; But the high-voltage SMD LED Flexible Strip light only need a little turn DC plug to access 220V power supply,
a plug can be connect 100 meters, and the installation is very convenient, also signification cost saving.

Actual Object Pictures :

Installation Steps :




1.Hotel . Restaurant .Dinner room.
2.Jewelry store. Shopping mall . Exhibition .
3.Corridor Emergency hallway lighting .Concealed lighting.
4.Backlighting for signage letters .Channel letter lighting.
5.Archway, canopy and bridge edge lighting.
6.Bar, KTV, Disco, Club. entertainment.