LED lights are replacing the traditional lamps worldwide at present. On one hand, LED lights is semiconductor high-tech,
on the other hand, in order to achieve better replacement, have to be compatible with the traditional lamps.In the LED
lamps, GU10, MR16, E27, E14 are the most widely used light base types, lights that have these lamp holder called as Bulb,
also known as Spotlight.
GU **: G stand for the lamp holder is "plug-in" type, U stand for that U-shape, the numbers behind that mean" foot hole center
distance "(unit is "MM"). GU10 connector is two round pins, GU10 light is high pressure lamp.
MR **: multidimensional Reflect, multi-faceted reflector lamps, numbers behind mean "Cup diameter" (unit is 1 / 8 inch).
MR16 caliber = 16 × 1 / 8 = 2 inch ≈ 50mm, in appearance. MR Series is a thin pin,MR16 lightsgenerally used for
low-voltage lights.
E27 light is the spiral thread diameter 27mm lamp holder, E14 light is the spiral thread diameter of 14mm lamp holder.
There are also have E26, E40 etc. E27 and E14 are generally high-pressure lamp.